By Kimber Annie


The blue has begun shifting to a different hue, and all I know is to hang on for dear life

cause it’s gonna pulled me though,

and then along with it.


Out of the chrysalis into a new universe

literally breaking the boundaries of my mind.

The glassy liquid crystals once used to cocoon and grow me…

are now being outgrown.




Unwilling to contain the force of freshly found expanding wings….

Wings that KEEP expanding

Wings that had begun soft

while slowly fluttering

now bravely un-stick themselves from being completely wrapped up




Wings that seem

to have a mind of their own


there was a time I vaguely recall giving them a piece of mine

It’s a faint memory now

very faint memory

because as the blue shifts to a different hue

this new hue is the color of normal.


So here I am

in between…

in between the “great break out” and my wings un-sticking themselves

I’ll just let the movement move me

then move with it

I’ll move as each new flutter undoes me

cause once the chrysalis cracks…

you can’t go back.


Kimber Annie is a published poet in over 30 books including, best seller, “Your Best Life Now”, by Joel Osteen.  Her works are also featured in numerous magazines and on line publications.   Kimber Annie lives in Nashville, TN where she loves to spend her days singing and writing!

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