By Nardine Sanderson
The wild hare and the golden edge.
On the hillside past the woven pathway lays the golden edge of daffodils with loyal faces in the light
I rubbed my eyes in comparison they too looked towards the glare
And wonderful was that view, I could not help but stop and stare
That woven pathway had me wonder about the other side of the trail
And if my feet could walk the distance
And lead me back again, without fail
I’d walk the distance and cross that edge where golden light outstretched the mores
I was far from home, that settled sea, and comfort sort the waving shore’s
The woven pathway lead by heart toward a little River running strong
And in my mind I heard the cord’s of love within a song
It was the beauty of nature that helped me on my way
The light of the trail of golden edge
And that bird whom sang then flew away
I met the river with a stone and with the ripples found my face
Within the running waters flow and the atmospheric grace
I followed the steps of a wild hare whom stood bravely high upon the narrow way
And come to find in solitude, much peace and faith that day
The golden edge of light shines bright, and green the hillside the other side
I walked the woven pathway home, with love within my stride.
Nardine Sanderson 08/02/2020
(C) copyright all rights reserved

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