Twilight at Budapest

Steel cowers over,
calm water flowing,
through the banks,
of the Danube,
carving chalky rocks,
and golden haze,
of the setting sun,
stretching its rays,
and the waters cool,
with a dark blue tint,
and fragments of ice,
drift in search of sun.

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Brushes of mother nature,
swift strokes of paint,
a myriad of colors,
a waterfall flowing upwards,
extend from the trunk,
to the crowns and leaves,
before converging to green.

Saharsh Satheesh is a poet from the glorious state of Tennessee. He enjoys crafting poetry, especially that inspired by nature. Some of his poetry can also be found in Infection House; Undivided Magazine; Headline Poetry & Press; and many others. When he is not writing, he loves to read and play chess.

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